Refinance my car

Keep your car, reduce your monthly payments and save money by switching to a new deal with a lower interest rate

Please enter the current mileage of the car you're looking to buy. Some lenders will use this information to determine whether they'll lend or not. If this isn't known you can provide your best estimate, but note that in doing so your results may be inaccurate


Don't worry if not, answer 'Not yet' and we'll help you estimate your settlement figure so you can search for a cheaper deal

Please enter your settlement figure to the nearest pound


What is a "settlement figure"? A settlement figure is the amount required to fully repay your current finance deal. It will include any fees and rebate on interest charges that may be due.

You'll need to ask your current car finance lender to provide your settlement figure before you can complete your switch. They can usually do this over the phone, via email (which takes approx. 2-3 days) or by post (which takes approx. 7 days). A settlement figure is valid for 28 days from the date you request it.