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Some car finance offers are only available if you're buying your next car from a reputable dealership

Please note that "Private seller" should only be selected if you are buying the car directly from an individual and not a business. If you plan to buy from a business (which includes car supermarkets and online car dealerships), then please select "Dealership".

For the purposes of showing you available offers, we will assume you'll buy your car from a dealership. This means you may see Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase offers on your result page. If you see these options please be aware that they will not be available if you choose to buy from a private seller.

This is price you are planning on paying for the car. If you've agreed a price with the seller use that, otherwise the advertised price is fine. If this isn't known you can provide your best estimate, but note that in doing so your results may be inaccurate


Please include any cash deposit and, if relevant the estimated trade-in value of your current car. Or enter £0 if you don't have any deposit

Please include your cash deposit and, if relevant, the estimated trade-in value of your current car less any outstanding finance. Or enter £0 if you don't have any deposit.

For example, if you were planning on putting down a £500 cash deposit, as well as trading in your current car for £7,000 which has £4,000 of finance outstanding finance on it, the total deposit you would need to enter would be £500 (cash deposit) + £7,000 (trade-in value) - £4,000 (outstanding finance) = £3,500 (total deposit).

If this result in a negative number, for example, -£700, this suggests you are in negative equity. If this is the case, please enter £0 for your deposit and add the amount of negative equity (e.g. £700) to the price of your next car.


This is the amount you need to borrow in order to buy the car


This determines how long you'll repay your loan over. A shorter term means higher monthly payments, but you may reduce the amount of interest you pay overall